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March 2023

From cleaning to maintenance: how to care for your watch

In fine watches, craftsmanship, beauty and functionality come together, as in a work of art and ingenuity created to last.

In order for it to be passed down through generations and maintain its performance, a piece of fine watchmaking requires a few but precise precautions: from cleaning to maintenance, taking care of it is the first step to preserving the value of your investment for a long time.

From cleaning to maintenance: how to care for your watch

Cleaning your watch: a few gestures for timeless beauty

Dust and sweat undermine the lustre of the timepiece. Routine watch cleaning is a simple ritual: simply wipe the case, crystal and bracelet or strap with a soft microfibre cloth.

From cleaning to maintenance: how to care for your watch

After sport or following a day at the beach or swimming pool, it is important to wash off salt, chlorine or other residues with running water and mild soap. To clean the metal bracelet links, we recommend using a soft-bristled brush.

Watch maintenance: an extraordinary tune-up

In order to preserve its beauty and performance over the years, it is recommended that the watch be serviced at regular intervals, exclusively at the brand’s boutique or an authorised dealer.
Carried out by the specialised watchmaker, the maintenance work strictly follows the brand’s standards. The watch, disassembled of its components, is subjected to the control of each of its parts with skill and expertise: the precision and reliability of the movement is checked, and the water-resistance is tested.
Depending on the brand, several years may elapse between servicing: for materials and technology, the high-end watch is a guarantee of long-term reliability.
In addition to carrying out a technical diagnosis, complex maintenance work is carried out so that the watch regains its former splendour and maintains the brand’s appeal.

Polishing the watch: the shine is renewed

Signs of wear are inevitable evidence of time and experience, but dull patinas and scratches on the watch can compromise its aesthetics. Even in this case, the right choice is to shun DIY and rely on the expert hands of a specialised watchmaker.

Polishing a watch is a delicate art of bringing back its original brilliance. It is a process that requires exceptional skill and expertise. Polishing can be light, carried out with the help of abrasive pastes, or deeper, up to the removal of a thin layer of metal in the case of major scratches.
The best watch brands have always chosen unrivalled materials for their resistance to shocks and scratches. Cases and bracelets in stainless steel, gold, titanium or made of special super alloys such as Rolex’s Oystersteel are recognised for their extreme robustness. Thanks to this unique alloy with excellent anti-corrosion properties, the Explorer range is able to withstand the most extreme conditions. Its models, particularly the Explorer II, have constantly evolved to become more solid and reliable. The sapphire crystals that protect the dials of the world’s most renowned watches are the most abrasion-resistant.
To avoid accidental scratches, the watch should be stored carefully when not in use. It is a good habit to store it in its original packaging, or in a lined case, away from jewellery or other accessories.

From cleaning to maintenance: how to care for your watch

Caring for your watch with a leather strap

A watch with a calfskin, ostrich or alligator leather strap requires special care because, being made of a natural material, it is more susceptible to damage by time and wear.
To protect the integrity of the leather strap for longer, it is important to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and contact with water, sweat and cosmetics. It is also recommended to allow the leather strap to breathe at night and not to wear it to sleep.

Elevating the watch to an eternal work of art

The watch is a statement of style and functionality, and accompanies you through every moment of your life. However, if it does not receive the right attention, its beauty and value may fade over time.
Constant cleaning and maintenance of the watch can help preserve its aesthetics, highlighting those features that make it unique. Regular maintenance can help avoid mechanical or functional problems that could result in the loss of its value.
Taking care of a creation as precious as a piece of haute horlogerie is simple: a few cares will make it eternal.

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