Patek Philippe

Luxury Watch Repair Shop

The strength of Pisa Orologeria is its superb customer care. The stores in the centre of Milan also feature laboratories for repairing watches and jewellery. A 360-degree after-sales service centre, where every need is managed by a highly qualified staff.

The Pisa staff takes care of assisting customers at every step of the maintenance process, establishing a direct line with manufacturers and providing advice on the best course of action, as circumstances warrant.


The luxury watch repair laboratory handles any type of problem after purchase.


Glass and watch accessories repair

The Pisa stores, on Via Montenapoleone and on Via Verri, provide watch glass repair services for damaged watch glasses and maintenance services for watch accessories. Moreover, if there is a need to change or adjust the strap of a luxury watch, the Pisa staff will guide customers in the most appropriate choice.


By leveraging more than 75 years of uninterrupted activity, Pisa Orologeria relies on a network of collaborators and external centres specialized in the maintenance of vintage watches, antique clocks and jewellery rarities of all kinds. Nothing is left to chance.


The watch repair laboratories are located inside the Pisa Orologeria stores: this is a further guarantee for customers and their quest for excellence.

Furthermore, the laboratory also provides on-the-spot watch checks performed by skilful technicians and tests to verify watch operation and impermeability, determining whether maintenance is warranted.