Patek Philippe

Our Philosophy

Established in the early twentieth century, from a passion for the art of clock-making, Pisa, from crafts workshop dedicated to repairs, over the years has become a modern family-run business, winning several awards for being amongst the best watchmaking shops in Europe for tradition, professionalism and offer.

At the beginning, when the Manufactures still permitted it, the founder Ugo Pisa would think of, design and create watch straps and dials for the watches while now research, interest and curiosity have led to the creation of a “contemporary workshop”: a Lounge for Haute Horlogerie, a reference point for enthusiasts from around the world, a meeting place not only for purchasing watches, but also for discovering the secrets of timepieces, the history of the Maisons and of the men who have shaped the history of watchmaking: the Value of the Watchmaking Art.

“Telling” the stories of the men who have done and are doing watchmaking is our profession. Clients often are fascinated precisely by this, “the invisible visible”: that which “is behind”, that which is, but does not appear in watches, such as art, masterly craftsmanship, the creativity of the designers.”

Maristella Pisa

75 years have gone by and 3 generations have followed one after the other in guiding the business, but one element has always been the company’s added value: customer care.

“Our passion for watches leads us to reveal to potential clients these hidden and a bit mysterious aspects, leaving them the freedom to make the choice best suited to them. The goal is not simply to make a sale,  but to accompany customers to the most appropriate choice: only in this way each satisfied client will return!”

Chiara Pisa