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Greubel Forsey: the manufacture of infinite creations

Greubel Forsey was born in 2004 from the partnership of Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey, who shared the idea that there was still room in the watchmaking industry for the development and creation of new complicated timepieces. Their common goal was to improve the performance of existing complicated timepieces, but also to implement innovative mechanisms.

Greubel Forsey
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Greubel Forsey
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Over the years, the maison has given birth to daring creations, which intertwine the technical aspect with the aesthetic one, and have received several awards. Greubel Forsey brand produces less than one hundred watches every year, a sign of craftsmanship and extremely high attention to detail, for each piece.

To date, the maison has launched ten collections:

  • Balancier S: a timepiece equipped with a large, high-precision inclined balance wheel within a 100 meters’ water-resistant titanium case. Tailored to the most active lifestyles, the watch combines sport and chronometry: the exclusive ovoid case with ergonomic profile and integrated lugs in fact provides optimal protection for the movement, combining ergonomics, architecture and precision.
  • GMT Sport: the sports watch par excellence: Greubel Forsey has created a totally new case, with a perfectly round shape when viewed from above but with an elliptical curve when viewed from other angles. The aerodynamics of this watch is covered by four patents; integrated rubber lugs and strap add further convenience.
  • Greubel Forsey GMT Earth: featuring a globe that identifies up to three different time zones. By reproducing the rotation of the earth in real time, thanks to this watch it is easy to understand what time it is in any part of the world, as well as to distinguish day from night.
  • GMT Quadruple Tourbillon: an exceptional watch, which contemplates three time zones together with the universal time function, and is distinguished by its three-dimensional architecture and the highest level of watchmaking.
  • Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon: characterized by an open architecture that offers a splendid view of the internal mechanism and a manual winding 30 ° Double Tourbillon movement. It has a 120-hour power reserve guaranteed by four rotating coaxial barrels.
  • Quadruple Tourbillon: the four tourbillons contribute, each autonomously, to the seal of the brand. Performance is guaranteed by the innovative spherical differential, enclosed in a timepiece with a contemporary and delicate style.
  • QP À Èquation: at the heart of this watch lies Greubel Forsey’s seventh invention, the Mechanical Computer. An integrated system made up of 25 elements that reinterprets some functions of ancient astronomical clocks.
  • Balancier Contemporain: a limited edition of 33 pieces in white gold, for which Greubel Forsey thought of inserting a small window on the internal balance wheel system.
  • Différentiel D’ègalité: a watch that is based on a spherical differential that receives energy from the main barrel and releases it in constant quantities to the regulator during the 60-hour power reserve.
  • Double Balancier: Born from the fundamental research on the inclination of oscillators and escapements, this watch offers a significant approach to improving the performance of mechanical time, both when worn on the wrist and not worn.