Alessandro Bucchi
Marketing & Communication Manager
3月 2023

Carlo Palmiero’s passion for handcrafted jewellery: a story of elegance and refinement

Just like in watchmaking, in jewellery we are always looking for new and interesting stories to tell. Carlo Palmiero’s is a precious example of passion and talent at the service of high Italian craftsmanship, capable of expressing beauty and refinement through unique and precious artefacts.

The origin of high jewellery: Palmiero's workshop in Valenza

Valenza is the capital of high jewellery in Italy and one of the most important craft centres in the world. It is therefore no coincidence that Valenza hosts Carlo Palmiero’s workshop-atelier, a tireless forge of imaginative and fascinating creations.
On the other hand, Carlo Palmiero owes much to his hometown: Valenza has seen him work alongside the greatest experts in the sector, seek an original language and thus shape his own art by combining the craftsmanship of tradition with a highly contemporary, avant-garde design. Carlo has amply repaid his training ‘debt’ to the city by becoming one of its best known and most appreciated ambassadors in the world.
Carlo Palmiero’s jewellery is an alchemy of thoughts, suggestions, reflections, memories. The magic of nature and then feelings, art, cultures, places and people are the inspirations of his imagination. Gold and precious stones become canvas and colours with which to paint his artistic tale. The ‘Maestro’ moulds and makes tangible matter out of his own inspirations. A sketch, a barely sketched drawing are ideas that slowly become more and more concrete, waiting for the goldsmith’s skill to finally bring them to life.
This is, after all, the great fascination of haute joaillerie: shaping the dream into precious matter, defying time and the fashions of the moment.

The art of pavé and the revolutionary approach: Palmiero's creations

Carlo went further, he wanted to decompose jewellery, to question aesthetic canons crystallised in centuries of tradition. Carlo’s eye and skilful hands thus move from the centre of the jewel, the fulcrum of classical jewellery, to its interior, dilating the forms, to fix the observer’s attention on the entire surface, enhancing the composition as a whole.
This revolutionary, almost philosophical approach to the product gave rise to the predilection for pavé, the workmanship that best lends itself to adorning extensive surfaces and has now become Palmiero’s hallmark.

The soul of Palmiero jewellery amidst colour and evocative nuances

It is precisely this conceptual reinterpretation of jewellery that fascinates. As with watchmaking, our aim is to offer products that arouse emotions, that embody the spirit of those who created them and that are able to tell a story that is precious because it is unique.
But the jewellery theory would remain sterile speculation if it were not accompanied by an almost maniacal selection of materials. Each stone is carefully selected for quality, colour variety and cut: essential ingredients for creating fascinating shades of colour.
And so colour is the other great protagonist of every Palmiero creation: the rarest coloured diamonds are combined with the finest natural sapphires, intense topazes and bewitching rubies, giving the eye an ever-changing kaleidoscope of light. Colour is the most important factor in defining the value of the sapphire, which, together with the ruby, is considered one of the most precious and rare in the world.

Looking at jewellery with new eyes: the magic of diamond-skinned fantastic beings

Carlo Palmiero’s creations are a masterpiece of goldsmith’s skill, but also of creativity, passion and the search for the very essence of beauty. His art, capable of transforming gold and precious stones into true works of art, is a tribute to the Italian craftsmanship tradition and an invitation to look at jewellery with new eyes, not as inanimate objects, cold jewels to be worn, but as something alive, light and bewitching: fantastic beings with diamond skin.
This is the infinite beauty of which Carlo Palmiero is capable.

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