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5月 2023

May 2023

The watchmaking world is going through a particularly lively period in terms of both production and communication. It is therefore difficult to condense six months of great change into a few pages. We try with our magazine, Time To Time, to explore not only the world that is closest to us, that of the watch, but also sectors that are close relatives of watchmaking. Indeed, we firmly believe that one passion does not exclude another; on the contrary, cultivating one often leads to discovering others. The result is rewarding and stimulating, it allows one to enrich one’s knowledge not only from a didactic point of view but, and this is perhaps the most important aspect, also in terms of friendships. One of our ambitions is precisely to be connectors of experience and opportunity for those who frequent our boutiques, to keep our roots firmly planted in watchmaking but to reach beyond the confines of our daily horizon. In this, not only our professional partners but also, and above all, our customers are an inexhaustible source of new and different stimuli that we also want to bring to life through Time To Time. We therefore invite you to drop by one of our boutiques, have a chat with our consultants, admire (and perhaps buy) some watches and pick up your copy of Time To Time

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6月 2022

June 2022

The first six months of 2022 passed like a flash. The feeling that time is running faster is certainly due to the restoration of pre-pandemic rhythms of life. Yet another proof that the passage of time is a relative element that is perceived differently from person to person, depending on the psychological condition in which they find themselves. This also applies to companies that are made up of people. Our time now seems to run like a sprinter, explosive, elastic, dynamic, but only because we still have in mind the dilated, dull and tired time of the 2020-2021 biennium. The goal is to keep up with the marathon runner, that sustained and constant pace that allows you to travel long distances. Summer certainly helps to catch your breath, stock up on energy and start running again with new suggestions and fresh ideas, matured in the sun of the months that await us. We will provide you with a series of tips on how to best approach your vacation with the watch on your wrist, hoping it will mark a carefree time.

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5月 2022

May 2022

May is the month of flowering, the period in which spring manifests itself with scents and colors that make us in a good mood, reminding us that winter is over and summer is upon us. May is therefore a month of reflections and balances, Pisa Orologeria closed its with a result that makes us proud and confident that the path taken months ago, in the midst of the pandemic, is the right one. On the other hand, the entire sector is experiencing a golden moment in which operators who have been able to hold out, adapting to the new scenario with foresight and optimism, are now ready to reap the fruits ripened after a harsh winter. This month also a new flower blooms in our garden: we launch @pisa1940jewellery, an account entirely dedicated to jewelry. We thus give the right space to a sector in which we believe, which is giving us a lot of satisfaction and which needs a more personal and feminine touch. We invite you to follow us also on this new channel and provide us with your feedback.

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4月 2022

April 2022

This April opened on the wave of Watches and Wonders. After years of “virtual” trade fairs, we finally got back to discovering and trying out the latest products on our wrists, exchanging opinions with colleagues and enthusiasts over a plate of fondue and a good glass of wine. Together with the watches, we rediscovered that convivial atmosphere that no conference call can ever replace and that is one of the most beautiful aspects of any trade fair. You will have already had a chance to admire the novelties presented; digital previews via social networks are now a constant feature that allows the general public to take part in this convention. Mixing the physical event with a digital echo is the winning formula, a balance that enables better communication to different audiences at the same time. Over the last few years, communication and the posture of the entire industry have changed gears, moving closer and closer to the digital natives to the point of borrowing some of their vocabulary and character. This new language has gradually filtered into the product development departments, bringing them closer to the end customer, who is making his opinion heard directly and without filters. The innovations presented this year are, in part, the result of this new context, in which the distance between supply and demand has narrowed considerably. In short, young people, whom some considered a lost cause on the altar of the smartwatch, are drawing closer to haute horlogerie. As proof of this generational transition, there were many new faces at the fair. We are sure that this injection of new energy will contribute positively to the evolution of the entire sector.

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3月 2022

March 2022

Difficult to write at a time like this, without running into preambles that sound rhetorical and mannered. So we will avoid doing it, we focus on the subjects of our competence, on the beauty that, perhaps, as claimed by an author who has recently returned to the fore, will save the world. This month Watches & Wonders 2022 opens which, after two years of on-line editions, returns to be in the presence, a solution that as insiders, seems indispensable to us. Although the new technologies now allow a “loop-proof” vision of the watches, their material component remains essential to the touch. We are therefore curious to see and touch the novelties that the Maisons will present this year. We will provide you with a detailed report once the convention is over. Two novelties, which concern us closely, are the reopening of the Rolex boutique in the “historic” headquarters in via Montenapoleone 24, which is ready to welcome you in a totally renovated environment, and the new Hublot boutique in via Verri. As with Rolex, we have also enhanced a long-term relationship with Hublot and the communion of objectives and values. The way of time is therefore enriched with another door that I am sure you will open with great pleasure. The inauguration of the Hublot boutique was one of the many events that animated the fashion week in Milan; in those days the city seemed to have rediscovered that atmosphere of busy light-heartedness that characterized this period in the past years and which we hope with all our hearts to find again as soon as possible…

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2月 2022

February 2022

We have left behind two difficult years. For Pisa Orologeria, as for others, 2020 has been an annus horribilis, we have adapted to the continuous challenges with the strength of a structure able to flexibly adapt to external stresses. We faced 2021 with caution, reorganising internally, working one day at a time, reaching unexpected results that make us satisfied and proud. We face 2022 with more confidence, a renewed team and new energy to be able to spend at the service of our customers. This year Pisa will continue to evolve, you will find out month by month, I do not want to anticipate anything… one of these developments, small but interesting for us, is precisely the blog that you are viewing and that we decided to update. It all starts with a very simple concept: to transfer online the wealth of knowledge represented by our staff. In other words, a “diffused editorial staff”, which allows to harmonize as much as possible the off-line side with the on-line side of Pisa Orologeria. Here you will find, in addition to in-depth analysis on watchmaking, also small ideas on life-style, trends that cross the world of timepieces and jewellery, as well as news concerning our sector and all those with which it has affinities. We invite you to suggest ideas for investigation or topics to be explored in greater depth: as always, it is you, customers and enthusiasts, who dictate our agenda.

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